I am a sole trader and have just become a member of a couple of business networks.

I go along to these on my own but I don’t really make the best of them. Everyone seems to know each other and I feel like a spare part. How can I join in – without feeling like I am butting in – and promote my business?

Judith’s answer:

These events can be very off-putting.  You have had the courage to set up your business on your own so you will be able to find the courage to network more successfully –it’s just a matter of deciding what to say to people and how to find a ‘way in’.   I can help you develop some introductory phrases to use which are neutral (business-wise), friendly and welcoming and we can gradually work on techniques to get you involved.  Then it’s back out there to practise them and back to me to help you refine and improve them – and back out there again…  We’ll have you networking effectively in no time!

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