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For my next job interview I have to make a five-minute presentation. Will it be OK to use notes?

Yes, it will be OK to use notes (unless you have specifically been told you must present without them) but they must be discrete (not a thick pad of A4) and you should be so well-prepared  that you should only need to refer to them occasionally.  The best way to prepare is to practise your presentation over and over again until you know it really well and you have the timing right.  If you are using Powerpoint, then the slides can act as prompts but don’t rely on this.  Always be prepared to present without any aids just in case the equipment fails or isn’t available after all. The best notes are probably still those little index cards as they will fit into your pocket or bag and can be held in your hand.  I suggest you punch a hole in the corner and fix them together with a Treasury tag – sounds really old-fashioned – but it works. If you drop them they won’t go out of order and you can also flip them over as you go.  I can help you structure and practise your presentation – using video if required – and we can make sure ‘the words, the music and the dance’ (content, tone and body language) are all at their most effective!

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