How long will it take me to write my UCAS personal statement?

Quite a long time if you want to do a really good job!  Before you even start to write you will need to have done some solid research and have established some clear aims.  For example, which course(s) you are interested in and which universities you would like to apply to.  You will also want to visit some universities. Once you have a purpose, you will find your personal statement easier to construct. UCAS has a very helpful question sheet which is excellent for preparing your thoughts prior to writing.  So, to answer your question, realistically, I would allow about  20-24 hours (excluding research) of your own time to get from a blank sheet to the finished statement – which will be about 6-8 drafts.   Don’t be put off by this – if you start drafting the statement early in the summer holidays after the Lower VIth/Year 12 – then you will be relaxed and have time to produce something outstanding and ready to discuss with school when you go back for the Autumn Term.  Working to this timetable is especially important if you are applying to Oxford or Cambridge or to do medicine, veterinary science, dentistry or law as the deadlines are much earlier.  I usually help people with their UCAS statements for between two and four hours.

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