Graduate Schemes – application process – situational strengths test/situational judgement test

If you apply for a graduate scheme, the process will often start with submitting your CV and being asked to respond to certain questions (I’ll give examples of these in a future blog).  If you get through the first stage, you may then be asked to take part in a Situational Strengths Test or Situational Judgement Test. These comprise a number of  ‘scenario-based questions’ – in other words you are given a situation and asked to choose, from a set of answers, which one most closely describes what you would do. One of the providers of Situational Stengths Tests – or SSTs – is CAPP and they have an example of an SST for you to work through:

Situational Strength Test

Nestle have an online demo of an SJT for their graduate scheme entrants which is helpful if you would like more examples.  As well as situations which require one answer, some tests include questions where you rank your responses in order of preference:

Practising with the Situational Strengths and Situational Judgement Tests which are freely available on the internet is a good idea – you can familiarise yourself with the process and this helps to reduce nerves, enabling you to  concentrate properly on giving the response you feel is the best one.
My next blog will give some numeracy test examples – look out for these!
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