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Interview presentation

For my next job interview I have to make a five-minute presentation. Will it be OK to use notes? Yes, it will be OK to use notes (unless you have specifically been told you must present without them) but they must be discrete (not a thick pad of A4) and you should be so well-prepared  […]

Improving business proposals

I am trying to get work for my business but my proposals are being rejected even though I know we could do the job really well? Have you any advice? It is difficult without seeing the proposals myself but a common problem that occurs is that businesses describe themselves and their products (ie. they write about […]

You offer practice interviews. How do you help me with technical questions and what are practice interviews like, generally?

Well, I obviously can’t be an expert in all subjects for university and college courses and all jobs – so I research the technical area and develop my own bank of questions.  This enables me to ask you technical questions and gives you practice thinking about how you would answer them, succinctly and with examples.  […]