Rachel – CV and interview practice

“After having only a part-time job whilst I had a career break for 20 years to bring up a family, I found the whole process of job applications and interviews rather daunting.   Judith helped me develop my rather old fashioned CV into a modern format which detailed my skills and experience in an easy to read, concise manner.    We also worked on producing a good covering letter to go with my application,  which subsequently lead to an interview.    I returned to see Judith for some interview practice and ideas of the types of questions that were likely to be asked  (it was 26 years since my last interview!).      This was invaluable and enabled me to go to the interview with confidence.   I was offered the job and three months later I am really enjoying my job and working full-time again.    Judith is very friendly and approachable and soon puts you at ease;  I couldn’t have done it without  Judith’s guidance and encouragement.”

Rachel, Shropshire

Eleanor – UCAS statement for BSc Pyschology

“I am hoping to study for a BSc in Psychology beginning September 2013 and asked Judith to help me with my personal statement as I knew how important it was that I submitted the best application I could.  I had written a first draft but it really exceeded the number of characters allowed and so I needed some help consolidating and improving it.  I met Judith who went through my statement with me and discussed the areas to improve and asked me to think about how the A Levels I am currently taking were relevant to my degree choice and work on this.  During the next couple of weeks I emailed my amended statement to Judith on several occasions and between us we gradually got to the correct number of characters allowed without losing the main content of the piece.  I felt my final statement was a really strong one and know this was down to Judith’s advice.  I received conditional offers from all five of my uni choices.”

Eleanor, Shropshire  

… and a word from Eleanor’s Mum …

“Judith’s help with my daughter’s personal statement was invaluable.  I found her to be extremely approachable, professional and encouraging.  As my daughter is the eldest child in the family, it is the first time we had been through this process and so it was really useful to have Judith’s knowledge and experience.    I would have no hesitation in recommending her and will certainly be asking for her advice again in two years’ time when my son will be applying to university.”

Julie, Shropshire

Gary – the personal statement … a parent’s point of view

“Like all parents I have always tried to help my children wherever possible.  This academic year (2012/2103) has been particularly difficult given the complexities of helping my son with his UCAS application.  One of the most important aspects is the Personal Statement and in truth I didn’t know where to start.  By chance and good fortune I came across Judith via her website and what a blessing it was!

Judith was excellent from the start and using her expertise she guided my son through the intricacies of producing a Personal Statement with maximum impact and content, but in a concise format.  More importantly it was targeted very much at his chosen subject area.  What really impressed me was that she didn’t actually write it.  Instead she guided and mentored the process by a clever combination of telephone interviews.  This was all done well within the confines of the budget stated by Judith before we started and quite frankly, was amazingly good value.  My son was offered a place on all five of his chosen universities.

I recognize that we were extremely fortunate because Judith was the first professional that I approached for help and I have and will continue, to recommend her excellent services.  Our daughter will be going through the same process in a few years and Judith will be my first call.”

Gary Reeve, Norwich, Norfolk

 Will – job application and interviewing skills

“I approached Judith for some advice on completing an application form for the position of Furniture Projects Co-ordinator with Shropshire Council. I had completed many job applications before but felt I was selling myself short sometimes as I was never quite sure what information to include and how to tailor it to each specific job. Judith was excellent at identifying skills that I possessed and picking out the ones that were most relevant to the position at hand. A first draft was written up and sent to Judith who quickly came back to me with suggestions and improvements. Judith’s advice subsequently led to me being asked to attend an interview. An additional meeting was then arranged with Judith to go over interview tips and techniques. Judith’s knowledge was second to none and proved to be invaluable as shortly after the interview I was offered the job. From just two meetings with Judith she was able to greatly build my confidence and give me vital information on how to successfully ‘sell yourself’ on applications and at interview. I would strongly recommend her to anyone seeking new employment or higher education.”

Will, Staffordshire

Alex – resumé spring clean

“For more than a decade, my resumé had stagnated, apart from some chronological additions.  The content certainly was honest, but I was no longer convinced that it presented my skills and experience in their best light.  Simply put, I felt it was selling me short. Through word of mouth, I approached  Judith, both to revitalise my resumé and also to practise my interview techniques. Judith was very relaxed and always put me at ease, even we when met for the formal ‘interview’, which was videoed.

Judith and I met over a period of four weeks.  She teased out ‘hidden’ information and directed the content of the data in such a way that the presentation was one that I felt comfortable with, yet still owned. Now, my resumé does stand out;  it offers the prospective audience a truthful insight into my experience, who I am and what I can offer.

A month later, I had successfully concluded discussions with a company I had been targeting for some time, and was made an offer.  I am still enjoying their employment.”

Simple, with Judith on your side.  Judith, thank you again for your enthusiasm and support.

Alex, Staffordshire

Edward – applying to fly with Ryanair

“Having completed a two-year ‘first-officer’ flying course with Oxford Aviation Academy in February 2012, I was very keen for a smooth transition to an airline job, preferably with Ryanair.  This entailed airline specific CV and interview preparation.  Oxford was accommodating in assisting their many students, but Judith’s one-to-one personal and experienced guidance was far more helpful and productive.  Upon application to Ryanair, Judith’s sound CV advice helped me get an interview very shortly after graduation from Oxford.  Consequently, based on my CV experience with her, I was very keen to use her services for my Interview prep.  The Interview was only a few days later, and Judith gave me all the time I wanted/needed by asking a selection of personal and technical specific questions.  The working environment at her home was both relaxing and comfortable, but also professional.  Overall my time with her was very beneficial as it helped me achieve my dream job in the front seat of an airliner.  A lovely lady to work with and I thoroughly recommend her to anybody seeking advice when considering a new study course, or a career change.”

First Officer Edward Bradwell – Ryanair

Applying for a degree in Economics – UCAS personal statement

“School had given us guidance on writing a personal statement, but I was finding it difficult to decide what to include with only a limited space on the UCAS form. I am applying to do Economics and understood that competition was high for this course so it was important to ensure that the personal statement stood out from other applications. During the summer holidays I sent my draft to Judith by email and within a few days we talked on the phone so that I could give her additional information on activities I am involved in at school. After a few attempts, and making the changes that Judith suggested each time, I had a statement with the necessary information and which also showed my understanding and enthusiasm for the subject. I have received conditional offers from three universities, including my first choice, Exeter. Judith was very helpful.”


Sophie – BA(Hons) Theatre, Performance and Event Design – UCAS personal statement

“I found it really difficult to get started with my personal statement but Judith really helped me when it came to what to include, and how to write it. I was really pleased with my final personal statement and it helped me get interviews at all five of my uni choices.  I am now studying  Theatre, Performance and Event Design at Birmingham City University.”

Sophie, Staffordshire

Rebecca – CV update

“I asked Judith to advise on updating my CV which had been added to over the years and had become rather long and laborious reading. Judith gave me some honest feedback, made some suggestions on cutting back on unnecessary detail and suggested I add more information on the selling points to a prospective employer. She was very prompt in returning the various drafts I sent with constructive comments to complete the CV. Her attention to detail to ensure that the CV was presented to a high standard has resulted in a more concise but informative document which I am delighted with. I have not made use of it yet but in an uncertain economic climate, should the need arise to start a new job search, I am ready to present myself on paper with a renewed confidence. Thank you Judith.”

Rebecca, Staffordshire

Applying for a degree in Law – UCAS statement and interview practice

“I knew that if I wanted to compete for some of the most sought-after places to study law in the UK I would have to differentiate myself and have a strong personal statement. I approached Judith who gave me some sound advice on additional content as well as better supporting comments on what I had already drafted. Through a combination of face-to-face meetings, telephone calls, and exchanged emails I was able to quickly improve on my own efforts. I found Judith’s feedback consistently constructive and very responsive. Judith also helped me prepare for interviews. By giving me example questions and improving interview technique, I felt well prepared, which made me much more confident.  This especially paid dividends in my first interview at Oxford.

In addition, as part of my application process I had to sit the LNAT (National Admissions Test for Law) and Judith was again very supportive and provided sample tests.  This was particularly useful as it was not an area where I was able to get support from school.

I now have acquired offers from some leading Universities and have no doubt that Judith’s guidance has been key to my success. The help and advice I received from Judith was invaluable.”


Imogen – BA Textile Design – UCAS personal statement

“Applying for a BA Textile Design course to start in September 2012, I found the prospects of writing a personal statement very daunting and after several attempts I was unable to grasp the concepts and write a flowing piece purely about myself. Judith was most helpful regarding the structure and wording of the statement. We worked together by email and on the phone. Judith suggested how I could research the requirements for the course and include key information in my statement that would demonstrate my understanding – this was important as many universities do not ask to see a portfolio. After a short time I had a strong personal statement that I could send off.  I received conditional offers from all my chosen universities, including Manchester and Leeds – both were my top choices – as well as an interview at Nottingham. I am very grateful for Judith’s advice and couldn’t have produced such a strong statement without her help.”

Imogen, Yorkshire

Edward – BVM BVS Veterinary Medicine – UCAS personal statement and interview practice

Judith Poulteney, support UCAS statements for students“In September 2011, I became a 1st year Vet Student studying at the University of Nottingham , having received an unconditional offer as a second-time applicant for Veterinary Medicine.
After completing my A levels at Adams’ Grammar School, Newport,  I went on a gap year which included spending two months as a volunteer assistant teacher at a rural school in India.
Judith helped me to greatly improve my UCAS personal statement, while also giving me some very useful interview practice, with astute and insightful feedback. The use of video recording in these sessions was an excellent idea, enabling me to see for myself how I was performing and what I needed to work on.”

Edward, Shropshire

George – BA(Hons) Business Management – assessment day

“The BA (Hons) Business Management (In Company) at Nottingham Trent University is hard to get onto as it’s a highly-regarded degree. The application process involves an assessment day with different activities such as an interview, group activity and problem-solving exercise. Four areas of competence are assessed. As I had not been on an assessment day before, I spent time with Judith discussing what was involved and what sorts of things I might be doing. This helped my understanding and I felt less nervous and more confident when the day came. I am pleased to say that all went well and I received a conditional offer to start in September 2011.  I am now studying at Nottingham and very much enjoying the course and university life.”

George, Staffordshire

Adam – Admiralty Interview Board – interview practice

“I would like to join the Royal Navy and train as a Logistics Officer so came to see Judith when I was invited to interview with the Admiralty Interview Board. I had spent a lot of time preparing for the technical questions which I expected to face but was not so sure how well I would think on my feet and respond to the important questions on leadership. Judith did some practice interviews which helped me to prepare and built up my confidence. We identified a number of good examples of things I had done in the past which I could use to demonstrate points regarding leadership and this really improved my performance. I didn’t get through this time, unfortunately, but the feedback I got from the Royal Navy was encouraging – gain more experience (I am in the Manchester and Salford Universities Royal Naval Unit which I am thoroughly enjoying!) and apply again next year.  I’ll let you know how I get on …”

Adam, Shropshire