Welcome to the services page. Seeking career advice can be a rewarding investment. I offer a wide range of advice and services to suit any stage of your career. If you can’t find the services that are relevant to you, please get in touch and we can discuss how I may help.

Students and Graduates

Working with you to produce a UCAS personal statement and other university and college application information aimed at getting you noticed and being offered a place.

Preparing you for a university or college interview so that you attend feeling more confident and self-assured, able to make the best of yourself in the (often very short) time you are given.

Career Advice

Producing an excellent CV – concise and relevant to the job(s) for which you are applying.

Offering guidance on application forms, including competency-based, with the aim of securing an interview.

Using practice sessions to develop interview and presentation skills for the recruitment process including assessment days.

Job application success


Developing personal skills for networking face-to-face so that you can make the best of networking opportunities when they arise.

Dry-runs with constructive feedback for presentations, pitches and business proposals – making sure you are professional, persuasive and effective.

My initial consultation, usually up to half an hour, is free. Once we have had a chat and you have decided upon the sort of help you would like, I will email you an estimate. The estimate is based upon an hourly rate of £45. If you are applying for a number of jobs, or find that universities would like you to complete individual application forms in addition to your UCAS application, you will find that you will be able to use some of the written information we produce together over and over again – but that you will need to tailor other information to particular recipients – so spending time and money on your application in this way is a good investment and the ‘unit’ cost per job application, CV or university application is very reasonable. If you wish to develop your interview and personal presentation skills with some interview/presentation practice, you will find your confidence increasing and your ability to speak in public improving. This will help with a whole range of situations when applying to university, for a job, networking for your business or making a business proposal/presentation.

To help get a feel for the sorts of situations clients seek advice on, some examples of previous work with costs can be found here.